Join Panvala

Panvala is run by our communities and by people like you. When you hold PAN tokens, you get to influence Panvala's inflation each quarter. The best way to join Panvala is to bring your whole community with you! There are also a few ways to participate as an individual. Either way, don't forget to stay informed!

For Communities

Step 1: Join the Panvala League

Communities in the Panvala League stake PAN tokens to earn donation matching capacity from Panvala's inflation. The existing communities in the League have a strong influence over which communities to add to the League.

Step 2: Stake Tokens

Panvala League communities stake PAN tokens to earn donation matching capacity from Panvala’s inflation. Once they have capacity, they use their capacity by bringing in donations for the treasury to match using quadratic funding.
Tokens can be staked by individual members of your community or by a community's multisig wallet or DAO—either way works.

For Individuals

Step 1: Get PAN Tokens

Holding PAN tokens is required to influence decisions on how we allocate Panvala's inflation each quarter. If you don't already have PAN, get some!

Step 2: Join the Activities Fund

Activities Fund members govern a portion of Panvala's quarterly inflation to award grants for events, arts, and (e-)sports that bring people together across Panvala’s communities, especially members of the Activities Fund itself.

Step 3: Join the Token Holders Association

Want to be even more involved? Join the Token Holders Association (THA)! The THA Forum is where individuals from across Panvala's communities come together to socialize and discuss governance proposals. We need all the help we can get from active PAN holders to help Panvala achieve its mission.