Expanding the League

The first step to expanding the Panvala League is for a community to ask to join! If you're interested and haven't started the process yet, now's the time!
The existing Panvala League communities decide which expansion communities to admit or reject, and the next batch of evaluations happens twice per quarter. For an example of how the process works, read How We Admitted WhalerDAO to the Panvala League.
To prepare for your first round, your community needs to:
  1. 1.
    Draft your community goals,
  2. 2.
    Submit your goals for review by the Panvala League,
  3. 3.
    Stake PAN, and
  4. 4.
    Donate with PAN on Gitcoin Grants.

Draft Your Community Goals

The Panvala League is about communities, not just projects. Your community goals outline how your community will be able to influence how the funds are spent. There are currently two models for this in the League: awards and community funds.
With awards, communities outline in advance what work is being rewarded, and they are typically awards for past work, not funding for future work. DXdao and Commons Stack used the awards approach last quarter.
With community funds, communities raise funds that are spent later using a process they choose, which range from simple multisig wallets to full-fledged DAOs. Hashing it Out and Meta Gamma Delta used the community fund approach this quarter.

Apply to Join the Panvala League

The Panvala League currently has 27 communities. New communities that want to join the league should try to earn a recommendation from the existing League communities. The Panvala Caucus considers the League’s opinion when making its quarterly budget recommendations to the PAN token holders, who make all final budget decisions in Panvala.
New communities will be evaluated by the existing communities based on several factors:
  1. 1.
    Likelihood of donations. Is the community capable of making donations with PAN using the current tools we have? Do they have a desire to make donations in the first place?
  2. 2.
    Expansion potential. Does the community bring new people to Panvala, or does it overlap with the existing or prospective members of communities who are already involved? Would adding the community be objectionable to any other potential communities?
  3. 3.
    Staked tokens. Staking PAN is how communities earn donation matching capacity. Does the community already have some PAN tokens to stake?
  4. 4.
    Values. Panvala aims to grow civic life in cyberspace. Does the community fit with the values we have in mind?

Stake PAN

The week before donations begin, all Panvala League communities will be encouraged to stake PAN to earn donation matching capacity for their communities. PAN can be staked through the end of the donation matching round, but staking before donations start makes it easier for us to teach our communities about staking and donations separately.
PAN can be staked by individual community members or by a community wallet that holds PAN. The amount of PAN to stake depends on the share of the quarterly inflation you want to earn. Any amount of staked PAN is fine for your first round: it's easier to understand how much PAN you need by adjusting after each round. In October, 5,288,129 PAN was staked in total, so a good guideline for next quarter is to decide what percentage of the Panvala League's 1,311,990 PAN of inflation your community would like to earn, then stake that same percentage of 5,288,129 PAN.
Gitcoin’s next round of donation matching is tentatively scheduled to begin on December 2. All of our communities will be encouraging people to donate to their grants with PAN, and we’ll all be encouraging people to donate with PAN to any projects on Gitcoin Grants that they want to support. Every Gitcoin Grant that receives a donation in PAN will also receive extra matching in PAN, just like last round. Matching funds will be allocated using quadratic funding, which means small donations from several people can grow your match more than large donations from a few wealthy people.
Including individual donations, a total of 1,311,990 PAN will be distributed this round (pending token holder approval). The tokens will be released from Panvala’s smart contracts on January 29, and distributed to grantees within one week.