Panvala Handbook


Coalitions are sub-leagues within the Panvala League, just like divisions or conferences within sports leagues. The goal of a coalition is to grow its existing communities, and to add new communities within their focus. Since we want to encourage more close collaboration between Panvala League communities, communities that are part of a coalition will earn more matching than independent communities. If you’re interested in helping more of a specific type of community earn donation matching from Panvala, you should start a coalition!
Here are the four coalitions that have formed within the Panvala League:
  • Regenerative Commons Coalition (Leader: WhyldWanderer)
    • Giveth
    • Commons Stack
    • Bloom Network
  • Crypto Art Coalition (Leader: audsssy)
    • Mol LeArt
    • NFThub
    • Women of Crypto Art
  • Digital Identity Coalition (Leader: Petr Porobov)
    • Handshake Development Fund
    • Upala
    • BrightID
    • future modern
  • Women-Led Web3 Coalition * (Leader: Muskan Kalra)
    • Meta Gamma Delta
    • Women of Crypto Art
    • * needs at least three members to qualify for the bonus coalition funding
  • Future of Work Coalition (Leader: Yalor)
    • Gitcoin
    • DAOhaus
    • RaidGuild
    • MetaGame