Panvala League

Communities in the Panvala League stake PAN tokens to earn donation matching capacity from Panvala's inflation. These funds go into each community's wallet, where they can use them on anything their community shares together, like open source code, events, and awards for achievements that the community values. In recent quarters, 75% of Panvala's quarterly inflation has been allocated to the Panvala League, which was able to match donations for each community at an average of 7.57x last quarter. These tokens are released from the decaying token supply to the Panvala League multisig, where they are then distributed to each community's wallet.
We want your community to join the Panvala League! If you are already collecting donations from your community (especially on Gitcoin Grants), then you're likely to be a great fit! Membership dues and event ticket purchases can also count as financial proof-of-community that is eligible for matching from Panvala. Continue on to Expanding the League to learn more about how we grow.
For more details on how we divide the Panvala League's portion of the inflation each quarter, continue on to Scoreboard Rules.