Activities Fund

The Activities Fund is a member-run portion of Panvala's budget focused on social life. It awards grants for events, arts, and (e-)sports that bring people together across Panvala’s communities, especially members of the Activities Fund itself. It's modeled on university student governments that fund social life on campuses. These grants are usually used for prizes or food (for in-person events) to encourage higher attendance at events.
To choose which future events should receive funding, join the Activities Fund on the Panvala Discord server! There are three kinds of participants in the Activities Fund:
  1. 1.
    Applicants: Anyone can apply for a grant for their events by sending a message in our Discord's #activities-fund channel.
  2. 2.
    Stewards: Individual PAN owners who want to influence grants can become stewards. Send "!join" in the #activities-fund channel. The Collab.Land bot will help you connect your wallet and grant access to the #activities-stewards private channel. 1000 PAN is the minimum balance required. Grant applicants want their event attendees to become stewards so they can earn more grants!
  3. 3.
    Signers: The signers for the Activities Fund multisig send the PAN for grants. The first Activities Fund grant applicants became the first multisig signers. In the future, signers will be periodically elected by the stewards.

Upcoming Events

Visit to see all of the upcoming Activities Fund events, as well as events around Panvala's communities.

Grant History


How is the Activities Fund different from the Panvala League?

Here are a few ways the Activities Fund differs from the Panvala League:
  • Member representation: Communities in the League are governed in a variety of ways, but multisig signers govern the Activities Fund in the style of student government representatives. Once you become a steward of the Activities Fund and complete any introductory requirements, you get to cast an equal vote the next time signers are chosen.
  • Special purpose: Communities in the League have a variety of goals, but the Activities Fund has a special purpose: bring people together across Panvala’s communities, especially stewards of the Activities Fund itself.
  • Participation and attendance goals: Communities in the League maximize their funding by staking and donating, but the initial goal for the Activities Fund is to maximize participation and attendance for the events it funds.

How are Activities Fund grants evaluated?

The Activities Fund's grants are evaluated on event attendance and participation. Unlike the Panvala League's funding that comes from donation matching, Activities Fund grants don't have any fundraising requirements. If people are showing up to your events, it's a success! Bonus points if the attendees are members of communities in the Panvala League, and even more bonus points if the attendees are stewards of the Activities Fund itself.

Do I have to be a member of a Panvala League community to apply for Activities Fund grants?

No, anyone can apply for Activities Fund grants. Note that grants are evaluated based on attendance and participation. Events that draw more attendance from within the Panvala League and Activities Fund stewards will receive higher ratings, but attendance from outside Panvala counts, too.

Can Panvala League communities apply for Activities Fund grants as well?

Yes! We encourage the Panvala League's communities to apply for Activities Fund grants for any events that are open to the public.